İngilizce Makaleler
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2003/04 Post-Aliev Era Has Already Started
1999/05 Muslim Support for Baltic Independence
1994/04 Turkey Holds the Key to the Caucasus Conflict
1989/08 Azerbaijani Press Discusses Link between Ecological Problems and Health
1989/06 Founder of Independent Azerbaijani Republic Rehabilitated
1989/03 Azerbaijani Intellectuals Express Concern over Native Language
1989/03 Environmental Pollution, Infertility and Divorce in Azerbaijan
1989/02 Azerbaijani Intellectuals Discuss Legacy of Alphabet Reforms
1989/02 Demographic Trends in Azerbaijan
1989/02 Mosques Reopened in Azerbaijan
1989/01 Leninism Rejected As Out Of Date
1988/08 Independent Azerbaijan, 1918-1920: Call To Reevaluate History of Former Nation-State